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Assessing the Human Rights Situation in Bahrain: Report on Bahrain's Implementation of its ICCPR Obligations


Bahrain Center for Human Rights presented information to the UN Human rights Committee that has  published its report on 26 July .The report mentioned the results concerning the civil and political rights record of countries it examined during its latest session in 3rd and 4th of July. The study included Bahrain file taking into consideration the Government opinion on the first hand and organization and associations on the second one.

Bahrain acceded to the ICCPR in 2006, the only Arab Gulf monarchy to do so (however, Kuwait ratified in 1996). In acceding to the Convention, Bahrain agreed to be bound by the provisions of the ICCPR without the need for an act of signature. In accordance to Article 40 of the ICCPR, Bahrain was required to submit a periodic treaty report to the HRC on the measures adopted within one year of ratifying the convention and maintains an affirmative obligation to submit follow-up reports every four years thereafter. Bahrain has yet to submit either the initial report or any follow-up reports to the HRC.

The head of the delegation of the Kingdom of Bahrain mentioned in his speech in front of the UN Human Rights Committee that Bahrain abide the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights. This was based on provisions of the Constitution claiming that it is being applied.  He also noted to the initiatives taken on the events of February 2011. Saying that this happened to solve conflicts by applying the Law.

The report presented by the BCHR noted several irregularities of the Law and violations for freedom and human rights since 2011 till now were presented.

 Bahrain has seen significant regression in its respect for important civil and political freedoms and has developed an unfair justice and penitentiary system to punish political and human rights activists alike

The report mentioned many violations such as:

  • Freedom of Expression, Assembly, Association and Religion
  • Arbitrary Detention and Torture
  • Prison Conditions

The BCHR supported the conclusions and recommendations reached by the Commission in the following report.



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