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Bahrain: Urgent Appeal: Imprisoned political leader Abdulwahhab Hussain Still Suffering from lack of Adequate Medical Attention


The Bahrain Center for Human Rights reiterates its calls to provide the imprisoned political leader Abdulwahab Hussain with adequate medical care urgently. One month after releasing the first BCHR appeal, Hussain is still not receiving the adequate medical care needed for his case, while his life is at great risk.

According to medical records recently obtained by the Bahrain Center for Human Rights, AbdulWahhab Hussain is suffering from the following:

  • AbdulWahhab Hussain suffers from retinal detachment and the operation that he underwent in this regard had failed. If this medical problem is not solved the chances of losing his vision permanently is 100%. 
  • AbdulWahhab Hussain was diagnosed back in 2005 with multiple peripheral polyradiculoneiropathy; the underlying cause of it was not known at that time despite thorough checks by different medical centres. It caused weakness in his facial nerves and muscles including the weakness of his extremities which recovered later on with treatment. Unfortunately, his symptoms have now returned and he is suffering from severe neuropathic pain that is not being managed by a neurologist. If his condition is left untreated the damage to his nerves might be permanent with a chance of losing all movement and sensation in the affected areas. 
  • AbdulWahhab Hussain also suffers from chronic fatigue syndrome due to his neurological problem. 
  • AbdulWahhab Hussain is a carrier of chronic hereditary blood disease called sickle cell disease which causes part his blood to be sickled and destroyed. As a result, he has chronic hemolysis and anemia. He was suffering from syncopal attacks which required immediate assessment by a cardiologist. We were informed that his chronic anemia led to the decrease in his cardiac muscles contractility as a result of the chronic lack of oxygen delivered to his heart. 

BCHR’s medical consultant stated:

'Mr A. Wahab needs to be assessed fully by a cardiologist and neurologist and a full detailed report to be submitted and explained to his first of kin. 

Due to the failure of the neurologist center in Bahrain in reaching a diagnosis and treatment for his neurological problem in 2005 for which he was referred to specialized center in London. If his current situation is a recurrence of his old episode then we recommend that he must be referred to a specialized neurological center in London to reach a diagnosis and managed there.' 

Abdulwahab Hussain, a prominent Bahraini political activist, was sentenced to life imprisonment, and this sentence was upheld on appeal earlier this year. 

Abdulwahad Hussain and the other activist in the Bahrain 13 group of political prisoners have been subjected to going harassment and ill-treatment in addition to their politically motivated arbitrary arrest and long prison sentences following an unjust trial (read more: http://bahrainrights.org/en/node/6363). Many international organizations, as well as the Bahrain Independent Commission of Inquiry, called for their release and many reported the torture and ill-treatment they were subjected to and the baseless sham trial that led to their unjust sentences.

The Bahrain Center for Human Rights also notes other cases of detained prisoners who are in urgent need for medical care, but are currently being denied the required medical treatment, including:

Last month, one detainee Yousif AlNashim (31 years old) lost his life due to being deprived the required medical attention in prison.

The BCHR urges the international community, and in particular the States and the United Kingdom, to call upon the Bahraini authorities to: 

·         Immediately and unconditionally release Abdulwahab Hussain, the Bahrain13 activists, and all other political detainees and human rights defenders in Bahrain.

·         Provide Abdulwahab Hussain and other prisoners adequate medical treatment.

·         Guarantee in all circumstances the physical and psychological integrity of detainees.

·         Put an end to acts of harassment and targeting against all human rights defenders and political dissidents in Bahrain.

·         Ensure in all circumstances respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms in accordance with international human rights standards and international instruments ratified by Bahrain.

·         Hold accountable all those responsible for human rights violations, especially those in high positions in government.



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