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Nabeel Rajab wrote to Ales Bialiatski


From Jaw prison in Bahrain, Nabeel Rajab, FIDH Deputy Secretary General, wrote to Ales Bialiatski, FIDH Vice-President, who has been imprisoned for more than 2 years in Belarus.

My colleague, my friend, my beloved brother Ales, 

I am Nabeel Rajab writing to you from prison in Bahrain. 

I know a great man like you is imprisoned because you refuse to live in an unjust world. 

It is so sad that all people of Belarus are being punished by taking you away from them. 

You belong to your people, fighting for their rights, striving for their freedom, and seeking justice... 

I sometime feel like screaming your name in my little jail and sometime feel helpless because I, instead, should by journeying the whole world fighting for your release. 

I am so confident that we both will come out from prison even stronger, and will continue our journey towards freedom, democracy and social justice for all humanity. 

With sincere love and gratitude, 

Nabeel Rajab
From Jaw Prison - Bahrain

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