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Bahrain: Letter from Mary Lawlor to Abdulhadi Al Khawaja - You are not forgotten


Dear Abdulhadi

I know that you won't get this letter but I hope that you will at least hear of it. I just want you to know that you are not forgotten and that your friends and former colleagues in Front Line Defenders are thinking of you.

Here in Ireland people are finishing up for the holidays and getting ready to spend time with their friends and families. I am deeply conscious of the fact that while you remain in prison , your daughter Zainab is also in prison and your other daughter Maryam has to continue her work for human rights in Bahrain from outside the country.

Human rights defenders pay a high price for their courage but governments should realise that they will be remembered for their crimes. Kingdoms may crumble and tyrants will fall, as in the end they inevitably do, but what survives is the strength and courage of ordinary people who cling to their principles and refuse to be beaten down by oppression.

Abdulhadi, we remember you with deep affection and we send to you, to Nabeel to Zainab and the entire community of human rights defenders in Bahrain this Season's greeting from Dublin.

Yours in friendship

Mary Lawlor

Executive Director

Front Line Defenders

Abdulhadi Al Khawaja is currently serving a life sentence in Bahrain after a grossly unfair trial. He was arrested during the violent clampdown on demonstrators at the Pearl Roundabout and charged with plotting to overthrow the Government, purely because of his peaceful work for human rights in Bahrain and across the Middle East.http://www.bahrainhrd.org/abdulhadi.html


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