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Bahrain: The Prominent Activist Naji Fateel Removes his Clothes for the Judge to see the Torture Marks


The Bahrain Youth Society for Human Rights (BYSHR) expresses its deep concern for the Judge’s renewal of Naji Fateel’s imprisonment – administrative member of the BYSHR – in remand for 45 days pending the case, where he was not charged with any accusation related to establishing the ‘14 February Coalition Movement’ (For more information: http://byshr.org/?p=1404).

Today – 2nd July – Naji was presented to the renewal Judge after his pre-trial detention ended (60 days) and the lawyer was present with Naji for his defense. The renewal Judge decided to renew for an additional 45 days.

Naji Fateel had removed his clothes before the Judge, and the Judge and defense lawyer saw the torture marks clearly evident on his back. The lawyer asked the Judge that he is presented to the forensic doctor immediately to record the injuries that were caused by the torture he was subjected to. (For more information: http://byshr.org/?p=1381).

The Bahrain Youth Society for Human Rights (BYSHR) demands:

1.The immediate release of the prominent human rights activist Naji Fateel.
2.Drop all charges against Naji Fateel.
3.The immediate and urgent investigation in the torture allegations Naji Fateel was subjected to in the Criminal Investigation Department.
4.Bring those responsible for torture to fair trials.

For more information on the case of Naji Fateel: http://byshr.org/?p=1375

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